Code of Best Practice

Due to the current situation in the world, we have introduced additional rules to ensure your safe stay.


1) Dworek Prawdzic employees use face masks / helmets and gloves. The facility's staff have been trained in personal protection, particularly regarding the handling of gloves and face masks.
2) Disinfection of public areas, including handrails, door handles, sofas, armchairs is carried out regularly
3) Introduction of a limited number of people staying in the main hall
4) Providing hand sanitizer for guests in the reception hall
5) It is strictly forbidden for people who have not checked in to stay at Dworek Prawdzic
6) A plexiglass cover has been installed at the reception as extra safety precautions
7) We strongly advise of keeping distance of at least 1.5m from other guests in the common areas of our manor.
8) We provide the opportunity to purchase disposable gloves and masks at the reception

1) Before accepting the next guest, the room is washed, disinfected and thoroughly ventilated. Disinfection includes devices, furniture, door handles, fittings, remote controls, countertops and all items in the room and bathroom
2) There is no room service during the stay
3) Guests are advised to ventilate the room daily for a minimum of 15 minutes
4) If necessary, trash in tied bags should be issued in front of the room every day until 11:00am
5) In each bathroom there is a marked bin for used gloves and masks

Dining room:

1) We provide hand sanitizer for guests at the entrance to the dining room
2) We have introduced a safe distance between tables
3) Tables, chairs and door handles are being disinfected after every guest.
4) The covered table indicates the disinfection had been carried out
5) The waitresses use disposable gloves, a mask or a visor
6) Guests are required to adhere to the schedule of designated meals
7) Meal are served by waiters, maintaining all the safety precautions
Swimming pool, fitness room, Medical SPA
1) We provide access to the gym, swimming pool complex or Medical SPA exclusively to persons accommodated together
2) The above mentioned rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each guest
3) The schedule is run by the reception
4)  Disinfectant fluid is provided at the entrance to Medical SPA

General information:

1) If you notice disturbing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), immediately notify the Epidemiological Station
Tel. 91 38 78 320, 91 38 78 813
2) We encourage our guests to regularly wash their hands with soap in accordance with the instructions available on the premises
3) It is mandatory to wear masks in Manor Prawdzic

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