Artisanal cuisine

It is only when you cross the threshold of this extraordinary Tavern in the Old Forge that you feel you have arrived at an absolutely unique place. As soon as you enter, you are hit by the smell of burning wood, which mixes with the notes of freshly prepared food. In the background, you can hear atmospheric music, which adds to the whole place’s character. There is none of the artificial, here everything is authentic: from the warm smiles to the wooden tables.

The food prepared is a real feast, where each dish has a story.

From the homemade sausage from the stick, which is so good you want to take it outside and show it off to others, to the country black pudding, roast potatoes in uniform to the herb-marinated pork neck, which melts in the mouth like gossip in a small town.

Make way, too, for the artisan pizzas with long-ripened dough, the taste of which makes you momentarily forget about calories and wonder if you can adopt pizza as a family member. Other exceptional dishes include roast ribs, New Zealand prawns and mushroom pancakes, true works of culinary art that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. And, of course, those Spanish tapas — they’re so good it’s difficult to believe you’re in Poland and not on a street in Barcelona.

What adds to the magic of the place is that food here is treated not just as a meal, but as an experience. It’s not a place where you come to eat and leave. It’s a place where time stops, and you are just there, enjoying the moment, the food and good conversation.

Not only that, but it is a place where you will experience something unforgettable.

So, when will you be dropping by next time? Maybe we can meet for sausages around the campfire!