We invite you to enjoy the treatments offered at our Medical-Spa.

The long range of treatments that has emerged on the medical market has allowed us to select the most important ones. Each of them fully improves our health. Therefore, once again, we warmly invite you to choose at least some of these benefits, which have been prepared by man and nature.


The AQUAVIBRON is the ideal device for therapeutic massage. By using it, you can get rid of many minor but troublesome ailments and alleviate their symptoms and improve your living comfort. The AQUAVIBRON will ensure your health, well-being, and relaxation after everyday stress.


The organic substances contained in peat increase the blood supply to the tissues and activate reactions that increase cell metabolism. They are also characterised by antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects. In addition, there is also reverse transport, i.e. from the skin to the mud layer. In this way, the skin and the body are cleansed.

Water baths

It is performed in special bathtubs as an automatic underwater massage (hydromassage), pearl bath with essential oils or aroma-collagen bath. It increases the overall efficiency of the body, refreshes after fatigue, relaxes the muscles and relaxes. CLASSIC MASSAGE Depending on the situation, the classic massage can be performed as a complete or partial treatment. The massage has an analgesic effect, improves tissue nutrition, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tension, increases muscle elasticity and flexibility, reduces fat tissue, speeds up metabolism, and activates blood and lymph flow.

Relaxing massage

Relaxation massage stimulates the muscles, skin and circulatory system, while having a wonderful effect on the nervous system – balancing the body’s negative stress responses, eliminating involuntary muscle tension, restoring normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure, and even helping to combat insomnia.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage combines the effects of both thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. The main basis is the extensive action on thermoreceptors located in the patient’s skin. As a result of the reflex action, there is an increase in the temperature of the massaged area and a secondary dilation of blood vessels.

Candlelighting the ears

When the candle is burned, the air in the external ear canal is diluted in a so-called chimney effect so that the ear is completely cleared of wax and sebaceous gland products. An additional advantage of the procedure is that it is extremely pleasant, leaving the patient relaxed and rested.

Presentations of treatments

Manual therapy Brian R concept
Lymphedema Therapy
TRG therapy

Price list of treatments

Partial massage – Aquavibron40 PLN15 min
BOA anti-cellulite massage of the thighs and buttocks40 PLN20 min
Sports, lymphatic, relaxation BOA massage40 PLN20 min
Peat slices30 PLN20 min
Solux lamp15 PLN10 min
Inhalations15 PLN10 min
Magnetronik30 PLN15 min
Cryotherapy20 PLN3-4 min
Ultrasound15 PLN7 min
Shoulder girdle massage50 PLN30 min
Spinal point massage65 PLN30 min
Partial relaxation massage65 PLN30 min
Whole body relaxation massage130 PLN60 min
Partial hot stone massage65 PLN30 min
Whole body hot stone massage130 PLN60 min
Neck and décolletage face massage60 PLN30 min
Anti-cellulite hand massage70 PLN30 min
SHIATSU mattress massage20 PLN20 min
Foot massage50 PLN30 min
Manual lymphatic massage70 PLN30 min
AQUAI membrane massage35 PLN15 min