Dinner 16:00–18:00

I want to tell you about the dinner at Prawdzic Manor, seriously, it’s more than just food. The choice of soups? Classic sour soup with eggs, or maybe more of a Ukrainian borscht? Or perhaps something more homemade, like a traditional beef and poultry broth with handmade noodles or vegetable soup? Each is cooked so well that the taste stays in your memory longer than a holiday at the seaside.

And then there are the main courses — what a feast! Meat delicacies served two ways: one with a sauce so good you want to eat it off the plate to the last drop, and the other straight from the grill — doesn’t that sound like the perfect end to the day? And for non-meat eaters, we have a vegetarian dish that might convince even the biggest steak fan to go green.

On top of all this, there are various toppings to choose from: potatoes in every form, from classic to potato balls to gnocchi that melt in the mouth. The salads? Fresh with crunchy vegetables from local suppliers or warm veggies that make you feel the taste of summer even in winter.

For dessert, there is a whole range of choices: ice cream, pudding, homemade cakes, croissants, and my favourite — jelly, which I always associate with childhood. And then there’s the compote, which is the only thing that can quench your thirst better than the coldest water.

It’s a meeting with food that combines simplicity with elegance, and to top it all off, an atmosphere like a gathering at a good friend’s house. Bring your appetite with you, leave the rest to us!