In the heart of Dworek Prawdzic, hidden among the seaside greenery, there is the Tavern — Stara Kuźnia — a place where history intertwines with modernity, creating a unique space full of warmth, passion and authentic flavours. This unique Tavern is the heart of our guest house, beating to the rhythm of the seaside breeze and igniting the senses of every guest.

From the very doorstep you are welcomed by the mad smell of burning wood, atmospheric music and an unforgettable atmosphere which takes you to a world where every meal is not just a feast, but a real experience. The Old Forge Tavern offers dishes straight from the hearth — from home-made sausage from a stick, through country black pudding, pork neck marinated in herbs, to baked jacket potatoes. Each dish is a story written with flavour, accentuated with a pinch of adventure and a touch of the magic of our place.

But that’s not all. Our specialities such as roast ribs, New Zealand prawns, artisan pizzas on long-ripened dough, Spanish tapas or pancakes with mushrooms are true works of culinary art that will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. It is here, surrounded by the sea breeze and the warmth of the campfire, that you will discover a palette of flavours that will stay with you long after you have finished your meal.

And we don’t forget the wide selection of drinks and spirits. From a classic cold beer to a refreshing Mojito to an exclusive Whisky, our barmaid will always advise and serve something that perfectly matches the dishes and the atmosphere of the evening. There is something for everyone at the Old Forge Tavern, and our offerings such as Mulled Wine, Kamikaze, or Aperol Spritz will make any evening special.

Welcome to the Old Forge Tavern, where every meal is a journey through the world of flavours, and the atmosphere and hospitality make you want to come back. It is here, at Prawdzic Manor, that the artisanal flavours of the region combine with a passion for cooking to create unforgettable memories. Let this culinary adventure become part of your stay at Dworek Prawdzic in Niechorze, and we will make sure it is full of emotions, taste and authentic experiences.