Finnish sauna

We invite you to enjoy the unique experience that is our Finnish sauna. This sauna offers not only a moment of relaxation, but also a deep renewal for both body and spirit.

Our Scandinavian-style Finnish sauna features dry air and high temperatures that can reach up to 90 °C. Being in such an environment, although it may seem challenging, is actually a source of numerous health benefits. Regular use of the sauna significantly improves blood circulation, aids the detoxification process of the body, and contributes to the reduction of stress and muscular tension. It is a true oasis of calm that allows you to forget your everyday worries for a while.

We particularly recommend the use of the Finnish sauna to our Senior Citizens, who can experience improved joint flexibility and relief from rheumatic complaints through regular sessions. The sauna is also an excellent way of strengthening the immune system, which is invaluable, especially during periods of increased incidence of flu and other infections.

During a session in the Finnish sauna, the body is subjected to a natural cleansing process through intensive sweating, which has a positive effect on your overall well-being and skin condition. This is the perfect opportunity to allow yourself a moment of regeneration and take care of your health pleasantly.

The benefits of using a Finnish sauna are invaluable:

  • Detoxification of the body — high temperatures aid the elimination of toxins from the body through intense sweating.
  • Support for the immune system — regular visits to the sauna increase the production of white blood cells, which boosts immunity.
  • Improved circulation — the heat of the sauna dilates the blood vessels, improving circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • Relaxation and stress reduction — the warmth and isolation from external stimuli promotes deep relaxation, helping to reduce stress levels.
  • Better sleep — after a sauna session, many guests report an improvement in the quality of their sleep, which is key to recovery.

There is one other thing that totally captivated us. It was the possibility to jump into the sea straight after the sauna. You literally have half a minute’s walk there, and you can already plunge into the waves. This is something amazing, a real thermal shock, but in a positive sense! We admit that after the first time, we felt like a newborn. Something incredible, we recommend trying it out!

It is our wish that every moment spent at Dworek Prawdzic is a source of joy and renewal for you. Using the Finnish sauna is not only an investment in your health, but also inner peace and harmony. We warmly invite you to take advantage.

An exclusive sauna session lasting 60 minutes costs PLN 40. If you would like to use the sauna, please contact reception one hour before the session.