Lunch 13:00–14:00

Have I mentioned to you yet about the lunch at Dworek Prawdzic in Niechorze? If not, I truly must! Imagine a soup that is perfect in taste. One day, it’s some local classic, full of flavours that bring back memories of your grandmother. On another, it’s usually something for the more adventurous palate, perhaps some delicious cream?

The main course? Of course, carnivores will find something for themselves – always an appetising, succulent offering straight from the grill or oven, with accompaniments such as rosemary-roasted potatoes, Silesian dumplings, handmade croissants, pampuchy, buttery mash. There are also fresh, crunchy salads and vegetables served hot. But rest assured, if meat is not your fave, we always have something equally tempting for vegetarians. Perhaps today it will be roasted aubergine or pasta with pesto and rocket?

And remember, there’s always fresh compote and flavoured water for dinner. I have to admit, this is my favourite part – I always find something nostalgically summery about it, whatever the season! Such a little reminder of summer, the evening breeze and laughter at the barbecue. Don’t miss it when you’re around!

A home-cooked lunch is available from 13:00 to 14:00.