Description of the Manor House

Dworek Prawdzic in the seaside town of Niechorze is located on a dune, surrounded by greenery and pine trees, in the immediate vicinity of the beach. Dworek Prawdzic has its own exit to the beach. This excellent location is one of the advantages of our manor house. Holidays by the sea in a family atmosphere and the wonderful climate of Niechorze influence your mood and relaxation.

The manor house is also friendly to our youngest guests. There is a children’s playground on the premises. From the beach chairs you can watch the children playing and listen to the sound of the sea waves. Dworek Prawdzic in Niechorze has 70 stylish rooms, prepared especially for you.

In our wellness centre Medical-Spa, you can enjoy a variety of treatments (for a complete list of treatments, see the Medical-Spa tab). In addition, we offer gymnastics in the pool or the sea. You are also welcome to visit our swimming pool complex, which includes: an indoor swimming pool with facilities for the elderly and those learning to swim as well as a jacuzzi, a small safe children’s pool and a dry sauna, as well as a fitness room.

You can spend your late afternoons and evenings in our stylish Tavern, where you can enjoy beer, wine, whiskey, order drinks or taste wonderful grilled Polish specialities. From the very doorstep you will be welcomed by the maddening smell of burning wood, atmospheric music and an unforgettable atmosphere that takes you to a world where every meal is not just a feast, but a real experience. The Old Forge Tavern offers dishes straight from the hearth — from home-made sausage from a stick, through country black pudding, pork neck marinated in herbs, to baked jacket potatoes. Each dish is a story written with flavour, accentuated with a pinch of adventure and a touch of the magic of our place.

In addition to the rooms, we also have brick-built bungalows, which are heated with wood in goat-type cookers on colder autumn days. There are two segments in one cottage: 3 persons, 4 persons or 5 persons. The cottages are located in the greenery of the pine trees by the sea.

Have a look at our offer of holidays for seniors at the seaside or a weekend for seniors at the seaside.

Don’t wait, just check out our seaside spa!

There are 106 places available for our guests in cosy single, double, triple and quadruple rooms. All rooms have a balcony and a magnificent view of the sea or the pine forest. See rooms with a sea view.

Car parking is also available.