Sanatorium by the sea

The sanatorium by the sea in Niechorze is an offer that can be used by Seniors looking for good care combined with pro-health treatments. Dworek Prawdzic, located on Szczecińska Street on the very dune, right on the seashore and the beach, offers senior citizens the possibility of a successful holiday.

Dworek Prawdzic has its own descent to the beach, and the building itself is situated surrounded by greenery and pine trees. Older people looking for peace and quiet, who want to relax in nature and enjoy sunrises and sunsets with the calming sound of the waves, are welcome to take advantage of our offer.

Sanatorium by the sea

Advantages of leisure

The seaside sanatorium at Dworek Prawdzic in Niechorze is an ideal way to relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while taking care of your health. The Baltic climate is conducive to improving health by providing valuable minerals such as iodine, bromine, magnesium, and calcium. Valuable trace elements have a beneficial effect on the body, boosting immunity and improving wellbeing.

Dworek Prawdzic is conveniently located close to the sea, where healthy air is in abundance. The seaside breeze can help alleviate ailments associated with rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis, endocrine and respiratory disorders. What’s more, a seaside sanatorium is an excellent option to calm down and forget about your problems. People struggling with allergies, neurosis, and those living in constant stress are also welcome to relax in our Manor House.

Sanatorium by the sea in Dworek Prawdzic

Relaxation and improved health

Dworek Prawdzic is a place which has already been trusted by many people from different parts of Poland. Its convenient location and attractive conditions make residents eager to return to us. The seaside sanatorium offers stylishly arranged rooms with a balcony, equipped with hotel towels. In the Manor House you can enjoy delicious meals and the relaxation of the Medical-Spa.

Spa treatments by the sea will help reduce various age-related ailments. The proximity of the sea allows you to relax on the beach and admire beautiful sunsets. What’s more, every resident can take advantage of the local attractions, of which there is no shortage in Niechorze. Don’t wait, just go for a holiday or a weekend at the seaside to our sanatorium.

Sanatorium for seniors by the sea

Why is it worth it?

The coastal climate is characterised by unique qualities that are particularly beneficial for the elderly. Using the proposal of a sanatorium for seniors at the seaside, the elderly can spend a nice time on a quiet rest surrounded by the sound of waves and the joyful singing of seagulls. Niechorze is a small tourist town, where there are enough attractions for walking and cycling enthusiasts. A stroll along the beach to the neighbouring villages is an ideal pastime for active seniors.

The sanatorium for seniors at Dworek Prawdzic is a unique offer that is sure to be of interest to all seniors who appreciate good accommodation and delicious cuisine. The manor house, located by the sea, provides beautiful views and the possibility for peaceful rest and relaxation, which is significant for everybody. We invite you to have a look at the offer and enjoy a health holiday right on the beach.